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One responsibility of homeowners is to remain aware of the condition of their windows and doors. Do you find yourself wondering whether yours need replacing?

Continue reading to learn the signs you need new windows and doors.

Air Drafts through Windows & Doors

A draft is one of the most common indications that a window or door is no longer up to par. The draft may be more noticeable in the summer or winter, when the heat and cold are at their most extreme. You are definitely in need of a replacement if you are finding it necessary to block gaps with a towel so the weather stays outside. If you are unsure whether a faulty window or door is causing a draft in your home, a quick inspection will provide answers.

  1. Check each window and door for an air leak by running a hand along its frame.
  2. After this, inspect every window and any door with glass by placing your hand directly on the surface of the glass.
  3. If it feels too hot or too cold, the glass may not be sufficient to block outside temperatures.

Did your windows and doors pass these inspections? If not, it may be time to replace them.

Do Doors & Windows Look Damaged or Worn?

How well-acquainted are you with what your windows and doors look like? If you see these fixtures very often, it may be difficult for you to tell that their appearance is a warning sign.

A quick comparison to your next-door neighbor’s windows and doors will give you a general idea of the condition of yours. A few obvious signs it’s time for replacement are: cracked or weathered frames, windows that trap condensation between their panes, and damaged doors.

Even if your windows and doors show no signs of damage, you may want to update them anyway. The exterior fixtures are the first things everyone notices. Potential buyers are on the lookout for appealing fixtures. Increasing your curb appeal could increase your house’s value.

Should selling your home not be your focus, regularly checking your windows and doors (and their frames) for damage is still important. Cracks cause drafts and will allow outdoor weather into your home.

Do your Doors & Window Open and Shut Easily?

If your windows and doors aren’t working as well as they used to, they may just be in need of a repair.

However, if a build-up of dirt or dust or a malfunctioning mechanism is not the reason it’s difficult to open and close a fixture, you may want to consider a replacement. Windows and doors that don’t function properly aren’t only nuisances; they could be a threat to your safety in the event of a fire, break-in, or other emergency.

Each window and door should open and close properly, and each window should have a working lock.

Your home is the place you should feel safest. Investing in a stronger door and having well-functioning windows could help you do just that.

Have your energy bills risen over the last few months?

This could be a result of aging window and door frames no longer keeping outside temperatures in their place. Your air conditioning and heating systems are fighting hard to keep your home at the proper temperature, and if a draft disrupts this, you could quite literally pay for it.

Single-pane windows found in older houses do not properly insulate your home. If you would like to save money in energy costs and help keep your home at a comfortable temperature, consider having your old ones replaced with energy-efficient double-pane or triple-pane windows.

Replacing your Windows and Doors is a worthwhile investment.

Depending on the type of window you select, they could last 20 years (for double-pane windows), 30 years (for aluminum windows), or even 40 years (for fiberglass windows).

The quality of care you give to your windows can also impact how long they function properly. Cleaning them and keeping up with maintenance will help you get your money’s worth. Once you’ve had your windows for twenty years, it is also wise to make sure they are still in good condition and not causing issues with drafts or cracked frames.

Replacing your windows boosts the value of your home, meaning you could recover 70%-80% of your costs. If you replace your windows and doors at the same time, you get the added benefit of making sure their style is complementary and appealing.

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