Hidden Kids Step Stool under Bathroom Vanity Cabinet for Children to Stand on Wash Hands in Sink Slides Away Dimensions In Wood Cabinets Columbia MO

This really handy step stool conveniently slides in and out of the bathroom’s vanity cabinet for children to reach the sink and wash their hands after using the restroom. Rather than having a big chunk of plastic or a wooden kids step stool taking up floor space in your bathroom, this wooden step simply disappears inside the kick plate of the bathroom cabinet. Children can pull it out and push it in easily so they can reach the sink, wash up, then stow the step away for a clean and uncluttered bathroom.

These hidden steps can be installed in existing cabinet kick plates in bathrooms and kitchens, or Dimensions In Wood’s master cabinetmakers can build brand new cabinets to custom fit in any space you want. Contact Us today.

Slide Away Children’s Step Stool that tucks out of the way under the Cabinet/Vanity