We hired Dimensions in Wood to completely renovate our kitchen/dining area. They did an amazing job…not one complaint! We told them what we needed in order to make the change and the budget we had to do it with. Not only did they stay in budget, but Gail’s plans exceeded our visions! Bob and Jennifer were so easy to work and communicate with. We were amazed at the integrity with which all work was done. We always knew what was happening and all of the workers in the house were hard working and as nice as could be. I would definitely recommend them for any renovation you have in mind. Their creativity and quality will exceed your expectations!

– Kate

The day I saw the Dimensions in Wood showroom and met Bob I knew that Dimensions In Wood would be the company to remodel my late 1970’s kitchen and 1 1/2 years later we hired them. When the project was put into motion, all came together with precise detail and thought. The whole team was skilled and collaborated well with each other and gave me a week by week plan ( Adam!). I could go on and on about each one of them! The projected start to finish was spot on and the results were absolutely beautiful and very well done! And, to the cabinet maker who was always behind the scene, your work is absolutely jaw dropping and I know your skills go way beyond what you did for us!!!!! Thanks to all and I sooooo love my kitchen!

– Danny and Lori

Working with Bob Hoell and his team was the best experience in remodel. He turned my dark and dysfunctional 1960 kitchen into a sleek and modern space. Nothing is impossible with Bob. My advice is NOT to try and sub out the project to “save money” . His team of professionals is all you need to complete the project and in the end you will save many problems and money by doing so. He has done this for over 30 years and nothing is impossible with Bob. His design skills were things I had never thought of. He was on budget, on time and a wonderful person to work with and I highly recommend Bob Hoell and his entire team to do what ever scale of work you need to do.

– Kate

The entire team was professional and they incorporated excellent ideas for the updates to our home. We love our remodeled kitchen and the improved functionality with great ideas from the design team. Our redesigned master bathroom is enjoyed daily. Excellent craftsmanship and attention to detail throughout. We were kept informed of timelines and felt like we were kept on schedule and informed of budget changes. We would recommend the Hoells and Dimensions in Wood to anyone wanting an excellent remodeling experience.

– Carol

They remodeled our main bathroom, laid oak wood floors in our main living area, and installed new doors and white vinyl windows throughout the house. We are very pleased with their work, attention to detail, personable employees, and the finished product.

– Marna

We had two bathrooms remodeled. Great about meeting deadline and excellent quality of work. Very knowledgeable and took all our opinions into consideration. Would use them again.

– Ed

From start to finish, Bob and his crew did a fantastic job on my kitchen remodeling project. They offered great design ideas and completed the job on time and within budget. I love my kitchen!

– Jane

Dimensions in Wood personnel are craftsmen in the truest sense of the word. They were on time, on budget and on the job to get the project finished with the least disruption and inconvenience to us. The work area was kept neat and clean and trash hauled away regularly. Each man answered any questions we had as the project progressed and they had timely and insightful suggestions based on their work experiences. They are trustworthy and friendly. I’d hire them again in a minute!

– Steve and Cheryl

Bob and his team redid my kitchen in my old bungalow and it is now bigger and brighter and more functional than I ever dreamed it could be, all without moving a wall or knocking out a window. The flow and function are so much better than before and it looks like a totally different space. I just love it and it is just what I wanted (more than I knew I wanted). From the very beginning, I knew I’d chosen the right company. Bob was prompt in arriving to look over my old kitchen and understood right away the look I wanted. The design process was fast and he changed things around so that I got exactly the functioning that I envisioned. Jim and Jeff were at my place every day and were meticulous in installing the cabinets, tile, and appliances. These custom cabinets are very custom, which is good, as my house is not the straightest. The disruption to my life was minimal, unbelievably. They hooked up my old sink and set out my old counter top while I waited for the kitchen to be done so I was able to use it. From beginning to end, everything exceeded my expectations. The quality of design, of work, and outcome was tops.

– Kay

My new kitchen is a delight and I am thrilled that I finally had Bob and his staff tackle the project I had been dreaming about for years. I didn’t want just a makeover and Bob understood that immediately. With Adam Lockett’s expert help, they were able to determine that walls, windows and doors could be moved so that I could have a new open space to work and live in. The cabinets are gorgeous and functional and all the details work together beautifully. Gail listened and redrew plans until I knew they were just right and my kitchen feels much larger. I have the island I dreamed of and my kitchen window pops open and gives me a pretty view of trees. It was a pleasure to work with Bob and his family and all the wonderful people on his team. I might add that while they were working on the kitchen, we also redid a nearby bathroom and it was a great decision to tackle both at the same time. I would highly recommend Dimensions in Wood and will call them again for any future projects.

– Jennifer

This company knows what they are doing and have all the bases covered. Pictures do not do it justice. They were a pleasure to work with from start to finish. From design, to installation, electrical, plumbing and tiling - it's a one-stop shop and they are meticulous, customer focused perfectionists. We took a totally unworkable kitchen (1st picture) and turned into one of the best kitchens we've ever had. Totally functional, everything just "fits" and works like it should. Highly, highly recommend Dimensions In Wood.

- D. T.