Custom Design Process

OK, so we can't tell you exactly how your project will go, because each job is unique. But our process goes something like this.

Initial Contact

No matter how you contact us; by phone, email, stop us when you see us, or catch us in our showroom, we’ll need your name and contact information to set up a first visit with one of our sales team.

First Visit

The first scheduled meeting is often in your home, especially for remodel projects. If your project is new construction, meeting in our showroom with your plans is often the way to go. The goal of this meeting is to define the scope of your job, discuss your budget, and talk over product choices. Sharing the ideas you've been collecting with us at this meeting, will help us turn them into reality.

The Cost

You can’t run a business by giving away product. The same is true for design; therefore we request a $500.00 design fee. We’ll put a lot of time and expertise into designing your project and we need to be compensated. This deposit will be applied to your contract, should you decide to proceed with us.

Pencil to Paper

During this phase we will create one or more designs for your project. With computers and graphic visualization, we can help you see what your new space will look like on our big screen TV or with a virtual tour emailed to your tablet.The larger the project, the more time and revisions can often go into this phase. Our ultimate goal is that you have a clear picture of your new space.


This meeting usually takes place in our showroom, where we can make final selections of door styles, materials, and finishes.

Contract and Deposit

Once everything is clear and agreed upon we get out the pens and the commitment is official. An initial deposit on the contract (often a third of the contract amount) allows us to order materials and start making sawdust.

Labor of Love

During this phase of your project, building and preparations may be happening at our shop where you don't see it. Or you may be introduced to our team members as they protect your home and begin your remodel project. Sometimes this phase can go on for months. We know the anticipation and challenge that living without a kitchen or waiting for a new master bathroom can bring, so we do our best to make this journey as pleasant as possible. Take comfort and remember, you will love the end result just like so many of our customers before you. Occasionally changes are called for, particularly during a remodel project. Or we are asked to do additional work, not included in our original contract. If either occurs, we work with you to decide the best options and any additional costs.


The project is complete when it exceeds your expectations and the final payment is cheerfully made.