Historic 1925 Columbia MO Home Kitchen Renovation Granite Countertops Galley Workstation Stainless Steel Sink Baking Cabinet Marble Floors Dimensions In Wood Contractor

This Historical Home was built in the Columbia Country Club in 1925 and was ready for a new, modern kitchen which kept the traditional feel of the home. A previous sunroom addition created a dining room, but the original kitchen layout kept the two rooms divided. The kitchen was a small and cramped c-shape with a narrow door leading into the dining area.

The kitchen and dining room were completely opened up, creating a long, galley style, open layout which maximized the space and created a very good flow. Dimensions In Wood worked in conjuction with the client’s architect and contractor to complete this renovation.

Custom cabinets were built to use every square inch of the floorplan, with the cabinets extending all the way to the ceiling for the most storage possible. Our woodworkers even created a step stool, staining it to match the kitchen for reaching these high cabinets. The family already had a kitchen table and chairs they were happy with, so we refurbished them to match the kitchen’s new stain and paint color.

Crown molding top the cabinet boxes and extends across the ceiling where they create a coffered ceiling, highlighting the beautiful light fixtures centered on a wood medallion.

Columns were custom built to provide separation between the different sections of the kitchen, while also providing structural support.

Our master craftsmen kept the original 1925 glass cabinet doors, fitted them with modern hardware, repainted and incorporated them into new cabinet boxes. TASK LED Lighting was added to this china cabinet, highlighting the family’s decorative dishes.

Appliance Garage

On one side of the kitchen we built an appliance garage with doors that slide back into the cabinet, integrated power outlets and door activated lighting. Beside this is a small Galley Workstation for beverage and bar service which has the Galley Bar Kit perfect for sliced limes and more.

Baking Cabinet with Pocket Doors

On the opposite side, a baking cabinet was built to house a mixer and all the supplies needed for creating confections. Automatic LED lights, triggered by opening the door, create a perfect baker’s workstation. Both pocket doors slide back inside the cabinet for maximum workspace, then close to hide everything, leaving a clean, minimal kitchen devoid of clutter.

Super deep, custom drawers feature custom dividers beneath the baking cabinet. Then beneath the appliance garage another deep drawer has custom crafted produce boxes per the customer’s request.

Central to the kitchen is a walnut accent island with a granite countertop and a Stainless Steel Galley Workstation and an overhang for seating. Matching bar stools slide out of the way, under the overhang, when not in use. A color matched outlet cover hides power for the island whenever appliances are needed during preparation.

The Galley Workstation has several useful attachments like a cutting board, drying rack, colander holder, and more. Integrated into the stone countertops are a drinking water spigot, a soap dispenser, garbage disposal button and the pull out, sprayer integrated faucet.

Directly across from the conveniently positioned stainless steel sink is a Bertazzoni Italia stove with 5 burner cooktop. A custom mosaic tile backsplash makes a beautiful focal point. Then, on opposite sides of the stove, columns conceal Rev-a-Shelf pull out towers which are great for storing small items, spices, and more. All outlets on the stone covered walls also sport dual USB outlets for charging mobile devices.

Stainless Steel Whirlpool appliances throughout keep a consistent and clean look. The oven has a matching microwave above it which also works as a convection oven. Dual Whirlpool dishwashers can handle all the family’s dirty dishes.

The flooring has black, marble tile inlays surrounded by ceramic tile, which are period correct for the age of this home, while still being modern, durable and easy to clean.

Finally, just off the kitchen we also remodeled their bar and snack alcove. A small liquor cabinet, with a refrigerator and wine fridge sits opposite a snack bar and wine glass cabinets. Crown molding, granite countertops and cabinets were all customized to match this space with the rest of the stunning kitchen.

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Before & After Photos of this Remodeled Kitchen

Before the Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen Remodeling Design Plans

After this Kitchen was Fully Remodeled