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It’s Not a Sink. It’s a Workstation!

The Galley Workstation Built-in Dry Dock DryDock Under-Counter Storage Appliances 12 or 18 inch Single Double Bowl IWSWhat is The Galley Workstation? From a quick glance, one might assume it’s a sink with counter space. But this bare-bones description does not cover the unique design and many uses of this workstation.

The Galley is a Workstation, as reflected by its name. It is meant to be worked in, and it is meant to be the heart and soul of your kitchen. The Galley turns your kitchen into a place where multiple people can come together to prepare and share a meal.

The Galley Workstation is available in multiple lengths from 4 to 7 feet long, while the Galley BarStation is 18 inches. You may be wondering “Who puts a 7-foot workstation in the middle of their kitchen?” The answer is, anyone who needs plenty of space to prepare their meals. Additionally, you can add a 12″ inch or 18″ inch Dry Dock to any Workstation which is a great way to add work space without sacrificing cabinetry storage below.

Dual-Tier Design : Two Levels for Culinary Tools

The Galley Workstation Stainless Steel Sink Reinvent Your Kitchen Dual-Tier Two Levels Culinary Tools Dimensions In Wood Columbia MissouriThe Galley’s dual-tier design is what makes it an extremely versatile and useful workstation. Two layers of work area help you get the most out of the space you have and provide enough space for multiple people to safely and efficiently prepare a meal. The fear of bumping into one another and causing spills or more dangerous accidents is dispelled.

As an added bonus, the purchase of a Galley Workstation includes a Culinary Kit. This means that, depending on the size of the Workstation you have chosen, you will be equipped with uniquely designed cooking utensils that are made to be used and stored in the Galley, ready when you are.

Prepping, Cooking, Cleaning & Socializing all in one place

Serve the Family Dinner Convenient and Enjoyable Serving Boards Serve Basin Drying Rack Utensil Caddy Beverage Station Upper Deck IWS7SBAThe Galley transforms your kitchen into a place where preparing a meal and socializing with guests can occur simultaneously. The workstation is meant to be installed as an outward-facing island. As its all-in-one design also provides space for meal prep, enjoyment, and clean-up, those who are busy cooking can still partake in conversation and socialization.

The linear design of the Galley saves you both time and space, minimizing the possibility of mishaps while maximizing the space and usefulness of your kitchen. Its size allows several people to work safely at the same time, making the old worry about “too many cooks in the kitchen” no concern at all.

All in all, the Galley Workstation makes the most out of your space and creates a safe, efficient, and social haven in your home. It streamlines the meal-preparation process and allows multiple people to work at once. Most people agree that cooking is more fun when done with friends and family, but even if you prefer to cook alone, the Galley makes preparation and cleaning a breeze.

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