Pardon our mess! We are installing a new display Kitchen in our Showroom to highlight the latest and greatest Dimensions In Wood has to offer for your Kitchen Remodels, Wet Bar Installation, Bathroom Refreshes, and more!

This display features a factory line of Bridgewood Cabinets, a Bridgewood Vent Hood, plus a Luxury Vinyl floor by Carlisle Wide Plank Flooring.

There is a custom pantry with sliding, soft close door hardware plus more features designed and built in house by Dimensions In Wood’s master craftsmen.

At the massive kitchen island you’ll work comfortably at the 5 Foot side Galley Workstation Sink.

The island even has four, soft-close drawers where friends and family will sit in bar stools. This extra storage would be great in any home for devices, papers, or anything you want hidden away neatly.

All around the island and cabinets we have installed Task Lighting with a Voice Control Module. This allows you to turn your kitchen lights on and off using, Alexa, Apple Siri, Google Assistant and more!

This Kitchen has Tons of Hidden Storage

One cabinet houses a Kessebohmer Clever Storage pull down shelf. These can grant you easy access to items high up in tall cabinets.

A new twist for lazy susans, the Lemans II Set for Blind Corner Cabinets replaces the old spinning shelves with completely accessible trays which pull out fully into the kitchen. These make it super easy to access everything in your corner cabinet, while also preventing items from getting stuck in a corner.

Next to the corner cabinet is a very handy Mixer Lift. This shelf raises up to provide a work surface with your mixer attached. And then drops down to hide your baking mixer in the cabinet. Similar to an Appliance Garage, this allows you to keep your mixer ready and accessible without cluttering your countertop.

Spice and Utensil Storage pull out racks are hidden in columns on either side of the 48″ range stove! This is just such a cool feature which will wow anyone visiting your home. What would have been several inches of wasted space is now handy storage and a great party trick.

Two of the cabinets sport a glass facia with custom double bowed mullions. These glass doored cabinets are also lit by LED TASK Lighting.

We Can Remodel Your Kitchen Too

This kitchen is replete with custom features that Dimensions In Wood can add to your home! Call us Today to come see our showroom in person, or schedule a video meeting. 

Stay tuned for the completed project! Like and Follow us on Facebook to get notified when we post the final photos and walkthrough video.