Marvin Signature Ultimate Bi-Fold Door indoor outdoor living panels fold like accordion ARC Authorized Replacement Contractor Dimensions In Wood Columbia MO

The Marvin Signature™ Ultimate Bi-Fold Door opens up a home to be a true indoor and outdoor living space. The bi-fold panels fold open & closed like an accordion.

Missouri weather and the four seasons don’t always allow for a wide-open expanse, you can also choose configurations with a single swinging access door, allowing for quick and easy everyday operation.

When it’s time to open up the room and let in the view and fresh air, the doors come in widths up to 55 feet which makes the Ultimate Bi-Fold Door one of the largest folding doors in the industry!

Door sill options allow you to adapt the door to the appropriate level based on environmental exposure. The Performance Sill is perfect for when the bi-fold door exists directly on the exterior of your home. For sheltered exposure, a Low Profile sill may work. For interior applications, the Floor Channe lis perfect as a room divider.

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