Authorized Replacement Contractor for All Windows and Doors in your Home

We are an Authorized and Insured Replacement Contractor for your home’s Windows and Doors. We can provide outstanding replacement products and quality installation. You can trust Dimensions In Wood with whatever scale of work you need done.

Give us a call and let us take care of you.

Windows & Doors are a Good Investment

When Selling Your Home, New Windows and Doors Can Provide more than a 70% Return on Your Investment!

Evalue Your Current
Windows & Doors

Replacing windows and doors doesn’t have to be stressful. If you’re unsure if you need replacements, or if you’re just wondering what to do, we’re here to help you understand the steps and make your replacement project as painless as possible.

Read our free guide: “Is it time to replace your windows and doors?”

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Select Color &
Material Options

We will help you select everything about your replacement windows and doors.  We start with a high-level look at the most basic choices like styles and materials (wood, extruded aluminum or Ultrex fiberglass).

Then we will review design options: wood stains, color, hardware finishes, window shades and screens.

Consult with Us

You won’t go through the process alone. We are a replacement specialist. We will handle the entire replacement process, providing guidance, answering questions, preparing your quote, measuring for your new windows and doors, then professionally installing everything.

Ordering Marvin Replacement Windows Doors with Authorized Replacement Contractor Dimensions in Wood Columbia MO
Marvin Replacing Windows and Doors Installation by Dimensions in Wood Authorized Replacement Contractor in Columbia Missouri

Installing Your Replacement Windows or Doors

Depending on the size of your replacement project, there might be a lot of work to do before installation day. Decorative treatments must be removed, alarm sensors will need to be removed, and more. We will help you avoid any extra hassle to make sure your replacement runs as smoothly as possible.

Sit Back and Enjoy!

After your windows or doors are replaced, it’s time to sit back and enjoy the benefits of your new products! New windows and doors can save you as much as 15% on your energy bills while also reducing strain on heating and cooling systems.

New windows and doors could also lead to new possibilities-the remodel you’ve been waiting for, or more light in your favorite room.

Plus the trusted warranty gives you peace of mind so you can enjoy your new windows and doors for years to come.

Enjoy your New Energy Efficient Marvin Windows or Doors great warranty with Dimensions in Wood ARC Columbia MO
New Windows & Doors Authorized Replacement Contractor.

Your house’s front door is one of the first things people see. It’s the gateway to your home. It could also be a potential security risk, could be costing you money with air leaks, and might be letting in unwanted critters through rot and gaps.

We can replace interior and exterior doors in your home with top of the line New Doors to make your house more secure, and more energy efficient.

Your old windows might be “leaking” money out of your home every day. Windows could be letting heated & cooled air out of your home, while also letting in critters.

Of course there is a cost to replacing your home’s windows. But compare that cost to paying to heat and cool the great outdoors every day, and dealing with pests inside your home. You can quickly see how new New Replacement Windows are a great investment and might even save you money.

Contact us today to see how we can help beautify your home, make it safer, more energy efficient and keep nature outside.

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Windows & Doors have a Fully Transferable Comprehensive Warranty

Exterior Finish: Ultimate | 20 years
Exterior Finish: Elevate + Essential | 10 Years

Covers: Manufacturing defects resulting in chalk, fade, and loss of adhesion (peel)

Insulating Glass Seal: Ultimate + Elevate + Essential | 20 Years

Covers: Seal failure for most glass sizes caused by manufacturing defects and resulting in visible obstruction through the glass

Glass: Ultimate + Elevate + Essential | 10 Years

Covers: Stress cracks caused by manufacturing defects in non-tempered glass

Interior Finish: Ultimate + Elevate | 5 Years

Covers: Painted or stained interior finish defects including cracking, peeling, checking, delamination, blistering, flaking, and excessive chalking and – in the case of painted interior finish – fading or change in color under normal interior environmental conditions

Hardware and Other Non-Glass Components: Ultimate + Elevate + Essential | 10 Years

Covers: manufacturing defects

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