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Corner Appliance Garage for Hidden Storage

Appliance garages help organize your kitchen storage for a clean aesthetic. Keeping your small appliances behind a closed door eliminates counter clutter and lets you hide those extra elements of your kitchen. Check out this corner appliance garage for a creative storage solution for this kitchen’s KitchenAid Mixer, Expresso Machine, Coffee Maker and Toaster. The bifold cabinet doors open flat against the kitchen’s backsplash to easily access everything inside.

We remodeled another kitchen, creating a Baking Cabinet with Pocket Doors and an Appliance Garage.

One kitchen we created Hidden In-Wall Storage Behind the Tile Backsplash with Touch Open Doors.

If you would like to see some appliance garage’s in person feel free to visit our Columbia, Missouri Showroom. We have several examples of hidden storage which might inspire your kitchen renovation.