Galley Workstation 3S Custom Apron Front Farmhouse Clean Fresh Your Kitchen Renovation Columbia MO Dimensions In Wood Stainless Steel Single Bowl Sink Three Feet Wide

The Original Kitchen Workstation

The Galley created a whole new concept of a kitchen appliance. It’s a place one can prepare, cook, serve, entertain and clean in one central and convenient location. Each Galley is thoughtfully designed, engineered and hand-crafted from stainless steel in the USA by Americans.

Single Bowl or Double Bowl Workstations

Galleys come in all sizes, and they also have the option to have a one, or two basins.

The Double Bowl Galley allows you to separate food preparation or prepare and clean in a single location. A stainless steel partition extends only to the lower tier, which allows Cutting Boards and Drying Racks to slide left and right completely across both basins.

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