Dear Mr. Hoell,

I wanted to write to let you know what a terrifically positive experience we had with your company for our kitchen re-do. I did some relatively extensive research on-line, checked out the reviews DIW has garnered, and took the plunge. From our first contact with Marianne, it has just been a pleasure all the way.

Marianne clearly knows a thing or three about kitchen design, and from the moment she arrived at our house, we were at ease, feeling we were in the hands of a professional. When her designs for our project appeared, we were very happy with what she did, how she took into account all our discussion and needs, etc.

Next came the proposal, and “surprise!”, it was more than we had budgeted. Marianne didn’t skip a beat, but went to work on where we could compromise, where we could save and where we could substitute cabinets without feeling a loss of space or usefulness.

Install day arrived, and I need to let you know how impressed we were with the team. Darren is obviously very experienced, cares about his work , and was totally “customer service’ all the way. Some guy named Bob was here, I think that 1st day or two, but I don’t know – his work was “okay,” LOL…

We were very pleased with the speed at which the tear-down and re-install happened. The changes and challenges that came up along the way were all met with no problem. We could not have asked for a smoother process.

I need to let you know that since we’ve lived with this new kitchen for several weeks, we are still to this day saying to ourselves how perfect it is. Everything has a place and everything is in the right place. The kitchen just plain works – and as [my wife] and I are both very capable cooks, that is saying something. So thank you for facilitating that.

Again, thank you so much for the great work and great team that is Dimensions In Wood. Do not hesitate to use us as a reference ANY time!

All the best, and be safe out there!

Derek T.

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