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Corner Cabinet Drawers replace Lazy Susans

It’s not fair Susan is called Lazy, we’re sure she was just trying to save space in a corner cabinet. But those spinning platters typically cause more problems than they solve. Food, Pots, Pans, Boxes or whatever else you put on a lazy susan can fall off in the back of the cabinet and are nearly impossible to reach. 90 Degree Corner Drawers are a much better solution!

Corner space is often wasted or frustrating. A user-friendly alternative to conventional corner solutions is corner drawers. Full extension soft close, rails utilize every inch of storage space available and give you easy access to all the contents. No more cans falling off the rotating shelf and being forever lost to time.

You can transform a disorganized and hard-to-use kitchen corner space into organized storage using corner cabinets with three drawers.

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LeMans Blind Corner Cabinet Shelves

Another great corner cabinet storate solution is the LeMans Set of Shelves for Blind Corner Cabinets. Rather than drawers or a lazy susan, you can have two pull out shelves which bring everything to your reach.

Lemans II Set Blind Corner Kitchen Cabinet Chrome Maple Adjustable Tray Swings Right Left Pull Out Lazy Susans Kessebohmer Remodeling Columbia Missouri

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